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About Tritec Marketing




Our company goal is to make TRITEC the most respected and effective manufacturer's representative organization.  Through continuous improvement, dedication, and with the highest integrity, we will enhance the value of business relationships and increase market share for the manufacturers we represent and the customers we serve.


We will behave in an ethical and responsible manner toward our manufacturers by consistently striving to:

  • Dilegently cover our assigned territory
  • Accomplish our Manufacturers objectives and sales goals
  • Avoid misrepresentation of any kind
  • Serve the manufacturer with the highest level of dedication and loyalty
  • Maintain strict confidentiality in all dealings


We will behave in an ethical and reponsible manner towards our customers by consistently striving to:

  • Listen and respond to their needs and requirements
  • Look beyond the sale to the total relationship
  • Be an advocate for our customer to the manufacturer
  • Maintain strict confidentiality in all dealings
  • Continuously improve to enhance customer service and satisfaction





TRITEC was formed in 1979 between friends Jim Walters and Vicky Nelson. In 2000 Mike Walters joined the team. Then in 2011 TRITEC successfully partnered with John Menge. They continue to represent quality products with strong service and integrity, focusing within the hydraulic field.


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